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Tip # 274 – The Difference Between “Pick Up” and “Taken”

Tip #274
The Difference Between Pick Up and Taken

As most of you know, you have several options when you get to the “Deliver To” field…

Two of the options you have are to enter “XX” for orders that being picked up or “TT” for orders that are being taken.
You may ask “what is the difference between these options?”
I will now tell you what the difference is.

You should only use the “XX” option, when an order is being picked up at a later date or time.
If I call your store and order a dozen long-stem roses in a vase and tell you that I will be over to pick them up later, you should use “XX” in the “Deliver To” field.

This will tell flowerSoft a couple of things. One of them is that the order is not being delivered and that the delivery charge should be set to $ 0.00.
The other thing it will tell flowerSoft is that the order has not been paid for yet and that it should default the method of payment to “PAY ON P/UP”.
Of course, you can always change the method of payment to ON ACCOUNT if the order will be charge to the customer’s house account, but otherwise it should have a “PAY ON P/UP” method of payment.
This will avoid marking an order as paid that has not been paid for yet.

The “TT” for TAKEN should be used when the customer is physically in your store, buys something and takes the item with them.
The “TT” will also tell flowerSoft that there is no delivery and therefore the delivery charge should be $ 0.00.
Iit will also tell it that it should not default the method of payment to “PAY ON P/UP” since the customer will either be paying for the order on the spot or charging it to their house account.

Those are the differences between marking an order with and “XX” or a “TT”.
Use them accordingly.