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Tip #277 – The Quick Access Key “P”

Tip #277
The Quick Access Key “P”

Quick Access keys provide you with a quick way to access different programs from the New Orders menu.
They save you a lot of navigating time between the different menus and having to remember where the option you want is located.
If you are not using the Quick Access keys, you should start using them.
I will try to highlight some of the most useful Quick Access keys is future posts/

Let’s start with the “P” Quick Access key.

As I mentioned before, all Quick Access keys are accessed from the New Orders menu because that is where flowerSoft is “parked” most of the time.
For a list of all the Quick Access keys available, press the F10 key from the New Orders screen…

You don’t have to hit the F10 key to bring up the list if you know which Quick Access key you want, you can enter it directly at the “Enter Selection” prompt.

Entering “P” at this time will bring up the following options…

If you are at the New Orders menu and you have a customer come in and wanting to pay the outstanding account balance, you don’t have to get out of this menu, go into accounts receivable, select the new payment option and enter the payment.
All you have to do is hit “P” and “1” and flowerSoft will take you there.

Option 2 will let you look at the payments received for any account.

Option #3 lets you look at any un-resolved problem orders.

Option #4 lets you look at any promotional items you have set for today.
To learn more about promotional items read Tip #139 – Promoting Overstocked Items or click here now:

Future posts will deal with more useful Quick Access keys available to you.



Tip #276 – The “Newbie” Mode

Tip #276
The “Newbie” Mode

I don’t think this is a highly publicized feature in flowerSoft but there is a “newbie” mode designed especially for those new to flowerSoft.

The “newbie” mode can be accessed by pressing the order map key (F3) and then hitting “N” for “New User Mode”

The “newbie” mode will provide additional instructions on what flowerSoft expects from the user at each field.
This mode can be turned on and off on each individual workstation, so if you have a new hire or a user that you feel needs help with flowerSoft, you can turn on this mode at the station they are working on only.
You can turn the “newbie” option off the same way you turned it on, by pressing the F3 key and then the letter “N”.

Here are some examples of the detailed instructions the “newbie” mode will proovide…

Tip #275 – An Easier Way to Pay Outstanding Orders

Tip #275
An Easier Way to Pay Outstanding Orders

The only orders that should show an outstanding balance are orders with either a ON ACCOUNT, COURTESY, COD or PAY ON P/UP methods of payment.

ON ACCOUNT orders must always be paid through the A/R module, no exceptions.
The COD and COURTESY methods of payment are rarely used but the PAY ON P/UP method of payment is paid quite frequently.

flowerSoft will not allow you to change the method of payment of a “cash” order something else if that method of payment is either COD, COURTESY or PAY ON P/UP.

There are a couple of reasons why flowerSoft doesn’t let you do this but one is that flowerSoft keeps track of orders with those 3 methods of payments and gives you warnings throughout the day that there are still outstanding.
If flowerSoft was to allow you to change the method of payment on those orders, you would no longer have the need to pay them using the correct program for paying those outstanding invoices.

One of the things that this specialized program does is delete the reference of the invoice from the outstanding orders file.
If the reference is not deleted, then the warning about the invoice being outstanding will keep coming up and that can get quite annoying.

So flowerSoft required you to go outside the New Orders menu and use the COD/POP menu option…

and then select the option to pay outstanding cash orders.

This was a bit of an inconvenience when a customer came to pick up and pay orders with a PAY ON P/UP method of payment.
A lot of times it took a bit of time to find the customer’s invoice and pay it off.

So to help remedy this situation, flowerSoft will now allow you (from the New Orders menu) to search for up the outstanding “cash” invoices and pay them off on the spot.
This should prove to be quite more convenient than the older (still available) method of going outside the New Orders menu to locate and pay off the outstanding “cash” orders.

“How Do You Do This?” you ask. Here is how…

From the New Orders menu:

At the “Enter Selection >” prompt, hit “J” to look for pay on pick up orders only, that are supposed to be picked up today.
Think of “J” for “Just today’s pickups” although it will also show pickups for dates after today’s date.
If you have any “pay on pick up” orders for today, you should get a screen similar to the one shown below.

If you have more than one “pay on pick up” order for today, like what happens during a prom night, highlight the correct order and hit the ($) Dollar sign.
The following screen will display after you enter your initials…

Now just select the method of payment being used to pay off the order and you are done.

Please notice that you will no longer be able to pay just a portion of the invoice, as you will not be able to get to the “Outstanding Balance” field.
The entire outstanding balance will have to be paid.

There is also another key that allows you to pay outstanding cash invoices and that is the “!” exclamation mark key.
The difference between the J and the ! is that the exclamation mark will show you all outstanding cash invoices, not just today’s.
However, they both take you to the same special program that needs to be used to pay outstanding cash orders with a COD, COURTESY or PAY ON P/UP method of payment.





Tip # 274 – The Difference Between “Pick Up” and “Taken”

Tip #274
The Difference Between Pick Up and Taken

As most of you know, you have several options when you get to the “Deliver To” field…

Two of the options you have are to enter “XX” for orders that being picked up or “TT” for orders that are being taken.
You may ask “what is the difference between these options?”
I will now tell you what the difference is.

You should only use the “XX” option, when an order is being picked up at a later date or time.
If I call your store and order a dozen long-stem roses in a vase and tell you that I will be over to pick them up later, you should use “XX” in the “Deliver To” field.

This will tell flowerSoft a couple of things. One of them is that the order is not being delivered and that the delivery charge should be set to $ 0.00.
The other thing it will tell flowerSoft is that the order has not been paid for yet and that it should default the method of payment to “PAY ON P/UP”.
Of course, you can always change the method of payment to ON ACCOUNT if the order will be charge to the customer’s house account, but otherwise it should have a “PAY ON P/UP” method of payment.
This will avoid marking an order as paid that has not been paid for yet.

The “TT” for TAKEN should be used when the customer is physically in your store, buys something and takes the item with them.
The “TT” will also tell flowerSoft that there is no delivery and therefore the delivery charge should be $ 0.00.
Iit will also tell it that it should not default the method of payment to “PAY ON P/UP” since the customer will either be paying for the order on the spot or charging it to their house account.

Those are the differences between marking an order with and “XX” or a “TT”.
Use them accordingly.

A Heads Up

A Heads Up From a flowerSoft User

Heads up for some of your members.
I just went to one of our hospitals (local) and
they declined our poinsettia for a customer for possible exposure of latex.
the milky liquid secreted by the branch or leaf when broken, if it gets in contact with someone, patient or staff, may cause a reaction.  However, I cannot speak for all Hospitals, and i have not spoken to any more hospitals since this particular one.
I am just putting it out there this may happen.  This is News to me this year, who knows maybe there are more flowers that carry a latex substance/secretion, I don’t know.  


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