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Tip #273 – Passwords

Tip #273

flowerSoft Silver 2016 is trying to do away with most menu passwords.
Menu passwords are inherently weak because anyone needing access to the menu, must be given the password.

That means that if you need an employee to have access to some of the options in the manager’s menu, you must give that employee the password to the menu.
This may also give them access to other areas of the manager’s menu you did not intend for them to have access to.

So, although you can still have menu passwords if you want, flowerSoft Silver 2016 has done away with most menu passwords.
Instead, sensitive areas will be protected by the use of personal passwords.

Personal passwords will give different employees access to the same operation without having to give all of them the same password.
For example, you can have 3 different employees have the required level of security to void an order and they can all do it by using their own personal password.

With flowerSoft Silver 2016, you can give each employee 4 different security levels.
1. Owner Rights
As this implies, someone with “owner” rights will have access to all areas of flowerSoft.

2. Manager Rights
Employees with “manager” rights will have access to most areas of flowerSoft, except those requiring “owner” rights.

3. Supervisor Rights
Employees with “supervisor” rights with have access to actions not requiring “owner” or “manager” rights.

4. No Rights
An employee not given any of the “rights” show above will not be able to provide a password where one is required. They will need someone with an appropriate right level to supply the password.

As you can see from the screen-shot above, someone with “owner” rights automatically gets “manager” and “supervisor” rights.

Someone with “manager” rights automatically gets “supervisor” rights.

When flowerSoft Silver 2016 asks for a password where one is required, it will either say..

“Please Enter Supervisor‘s Password: ” or

“Please Enter Manager‘s Password: ” or

“Please Enter Owner‘s Password: ”

The password entered will be checked against the list of passwords and then to the employee linked to that password to make sure the have sufficient “rights” to continue with the action the requested the password.

In other words, an employee with “manager” rights will be able to enter their password when flowerSoft asks for the supervisor’s password.

Like I previously said, menu passwords will still be available if you want them but you will have to enter your own by using the manager’s menu option to change or add menu passwords.

If you enter your own menu password to restrict access to some area of flowerSoft, you will be prompted with “Enter Menu Password: “when you try to access that area. Remember that the menu password is not the employee’s personal password and that it will need to be given to any employee needing access to that area.

Also, if we make a change is to a menu that is password-protected, that password will be removed and you will need to re-enter it.

As this is a new design change in flowerSoft, there will be areas where a password requirement will be added or removed as we gain some feedback from our users.
Changes to the existing implementation will most likely take place, so I encourage you to send me your ideas and comments.

If you have any questions, please let me know.