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Tip #272 – Paying Pay-on-Pickup Orders

Tip #272
Paying Pay-on-Pickup Orders

As you may or may not know, on orders with pay-on-pickup, cod or courtesy methods of payment you are not allowed to change the method of payment to something else once the order is saved.
To get rid of the pesky little warnings flowerSoft sends your way about orders that need to be paid off, you use to have to go to the proper menu option to enter the payment.
It is a pain in the neck.

So, here is an easy way to pay open pay-on-pickup, cod or courtesy orders when the customer comes in to pay or pick up the order..
Instead of going to the “Other Options” of the Orders menu, simply bring the order up through Edit or View Existing orders and hit “P” to bring up the options.

After you press “P”, you will be presented with the options available. One of them will be …

Once you press “P” again, you will be taken to the additional payments screen…

At this point you will enter one of the 9 different methods of payment allowed and his the Esc key to process the payment.

You will no longer have the option of entering an amount less than what is outstanding, as this created accounting problems.
If for any reason you need to enter an amount smaller than what is owed, you will have to select the ON ACCOUNT method of payment and then make a payment on account for the amount being paid at this time.
If the customer does not have a house account with you, you will need to provide him or her with one.
It is strongly advised that you pay outstanding pay on pickup and cod orders in full.

If the method of payment is CASH you will be asked to enter the amount tendered and flowerSoft will supply the change due customer on the screen.

I think this new method makes it a lot easier to pay outstanding pay-on-pickup and cod orders when compared to the old method (still available) of doing this…
(I was just reminded by Cris Bandle that there is another easy to use way of paying off pay-on-pickup, cod or courtesy orders and that is by using the $ from the new orders menu.  That approach is also very streamed lined and easy to use.  One is done from Edit or View Existing orders and the other one from the New Orders menu.)

to end up in the same place.