Mercury Direct 6.0

I am sending this e-mail to all flowerSoft customers whether or not they are FTD members and I am also posting it in the blog.

Do not let FTD upgrade you from Mercury Direct version 5.0 to version 6.0 until you hear it is OK to do so from us!

Upgrading now will stop flowerSoft from interfacing with the current Mercury Direct 5.0, so incoming and outgoing orders would have to be typed twice.

We will have to write a new interface for version 6.0 and that will take time and effort on our part, but will also cost you quite a bit of money each month.

FTD wants to charge us $4,000 each year plus $30 per month for each flowerSoft user that interfaces with them, plus a $100 setup fee for each user.

Needless to say, we would need to pass this cost to the flowerSoft users that want the new interface.

The cost to each flowerSoft user that wants the interface would be based on the number of users that want it.

So far we have not found any willing to pay anything, but should you be willing to pay a minimum of $100/month (by our estimates) to interface with version 6.0 please let us know.

We need to have a count of how many flowerSoft users want this new interface.

Our estimate of $100/month is based on at least 10 flowerSoft users wanting to interface with version 6.0. Honestly, I don’t think we have that many users that are FTD members.

I also do not know what advantages version 6.0 would offer flowerSoft users over version 5.0.
It seems to me that the advantages are mostly for florist who do not have a POS system.
Here is what their website shows, so you can read it yourself.

Mercury Direct Plus

Mercury Direct Plus is an intuitive software solution connecting FTD Members to the Mercury Network using a high-speed internet connection right from your own computer. The newly enhanced dashboard offers immediate access to Mercury Network messaging screens, gives you the ability to print enclosure cards, allows you to confirm deliveries and more, helping you run your florist-to-florist and local business more efficiently. Plus, it automatically checks for incoming orders and prints them out.


  • Tri-fold enclosure card printing including shop logo and contact information
  • A direct link to the FTD Confirm website for Delivery Confirmations
  • A faster processor for more reliable messaging
  • An updated dashboard with quick links to messages, help and more
  • Notifications on the dashboard when messages are received
  • Automatic software updates
  • Customizable abbreviation codes

Mercury Direct 6.0 also requires that your computer be running Windows 7 or better.
So, if you see something there that you must have and are willing to pay for it please let us know and once we determine how many flowerSoft users want the interface we will let you know how much it will cost you each month and how soon you can have the interface.

PS – This added cost would be in addition to the quarterly support fee that you now pay to flowerSoft for software updates and technical support.

1 thought on “Mercury Direct 6.0

  1. Hey Geo– Thanks for the update on FTD, just reconfirms what I already know and hopefully the majority of florist are thinking, that this will continue to happen.  I wonder about all the other stand alones as well, like FAS, simply iris, floristware, to name a few. FTD must need some more money! Larry  FLOWERWORKS Meridian Park Centre Suite 126 6900 “O” Street Lincoln, NE 68510 402.325.6900 There is no better advertising than word of mouth use it freely!!


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