Tip #270 – Sales by Occasion

Tip #270
Sales by Occasion

flowerSoft 2016 has a new report called “Sales by Occasion”.

The “sales by Occasion” report will, as the name implies, show you your sales broken down by the occasion code.
I have always said that it is very important for you to select the correct occasion for your orders but this was mainly geared towards occasion reminders.
Without a correct occasion code, the occasion reminders feature will not be as effective as it can be.
Most card message codes have an associated occasion included in the record.
flowerSoft automatically supplies the correct occasion if you use one of the card message codes when entering the card text.
In other words, if you use the “HB” card message code to generate the words “Happy Birthday”, flowerSoft will know that the occasion is “Birthday”.

However, if instead of using the “HB” code you type “Have a very Happy Birthday Mary!”, flowerSoft will have no idea as to what the occasion should be and then it is up to you to provide the correct occasion.
If you don’t, then flowerSoft will have no idea that the order you just entered is for a birthday and it will not selected when generating occasion reminders.

So let’s assume for the time being that you are entering the correct occasion for most of your orders.
There is one occasion that even if you are selecting correctly, it is not sufficient to provide correct data mining.
That occasion is “Holiday”. Entering an occasion of just “Holiday” just tells flowerSoft that the order was for a holiday but not which holiday.
If you have read tip #269 and the tips it told you to re-read, you should know how to tell flowerSoft which holiday the order was for.
This will help avoiding using the word “holiday” when generation occasion reminders, but now it will also help you report on those holiday sales by the holiday name.
This can be extremely useful in your marketing efforts.

flowerSoft 2016 will now report the holiday occasions in the “Sales by Occasion” report separately for each holiday.

Here is how the report is generated.

Like all reports, you will find this report in the Manager’s menu. The path to the report from the Manager’s menu is: R > C > 9

Once selected the program will start reading your sales…

Once it finished reading your sales data, it will display the following screen…

This report comes in 3 flavors, “detailed”, “summary” and “condensed”. You will select which one you want at this point.

The “detailed” report looks like this…

It will display each order in the time period selected for each occasion and give you a total at the end of each occasion.
If you select a large period of time, this report can be quite large. For example, the one I just generate has 300 pages, so be aware of this if you are not printing to the screen.

The summary report, does not show each sale in the period selected. Instead, it shows the total sales for each customer within the occasion.

Here is what it looks like…


The third version of the report is the “condensed” version and it only shows the total sales for each occasion.
It does not show any of the detail for the orders included in the report.

Here is what the “condensed report looks like…

As you can see, this report just give the totals for each occasion it finds in the sales file, even if the occasion is misspelled like “CIRTHDAY”.
You will also notice that if you do provide flowerSoft with the name of the holiday, flowerSoft report each of those holidays separately.

The amounts show are the total of the orders less any sales taxes paid and you will have the option to include or exclude “999.000” orders.

I suggest each and every one of you start using the holidays database and recording the correct holiday for each of your holiday sales.

Keeping up the database takes some time but is fairly easy to do and you only have to do it once a year.

Happy mining!


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