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Tip # 268 – How to Generate Marketing Post Cards

Tip #268
How to Generate Marketing Post Cards

Yesterday, I received an email from a customer wanting to print post cards for customers who had made purchases over $30.00 during the past 24 months.

He said TFloral suggested it as a good way to selling to existing customers. I think a much better way is to send occasion reminders because it is much more personalized.

However, if that is what you want to do, here is how to generate your own post cards. You will also learn how to use the “Expert User” option…

Use the same field numbers as shown above.
Under the “Rel” column, “ge” means select records with greater or equal to the “Value” column.
“ne” means not equal to the “Value” column.

So the above is telling flowerSoft to:

  1. Select client records with a purchase greater or equal to “09/01/2013”
  2. To select only the client records with a “Last Purchase Amount” of $30.00 or more.
  3. Not to select the record is the zip code field is blank.

Also, make sure you save your selection by hitting “S” to save and give it a name you will remember.
If you need to run this process again, you can hit “L” to load an existing selection set.
If you want to learn more about the relationship codes, hit the F6 key while on the “Rel” column

There are many other things that you will need to learn about the expert selection option but for what we need to do here, this is sufficient for now.

This will generate post cards to all your customers who have made purchases of $30.00 or more during the past 24 months.

One problem with this method is that it only looks at the last purchase amount to see if it was over $30.00.
A customer could have made a purchase over $30.00 a month ago and then a few days later he or she could have made another purchase under $30.00.  Since the last purchase amount is under $30.00, they will not be selected.

If you need to select all the customers who have made purchases of $30.00 or more during the past 24 months even if the qualifying purchase was not their last one, you have to do this instead…

Steps 1 thought 7 remain the same, then starting with step #8…


Is you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Windows 10

Windows 10

Please refrain from upgrading to Windows 10 for the time being.

There seems to be a problem displaying flowerSoft menus with it.

I will keep you posted when I know more.

OK, this problem was solved by changing the font to Lucida Console and increasing the size to 28 points.

Tip #267 – Sending Order and Delivery Confirmations to Multiple Addresses

Tip #267 – Sending Order and Delivery Confirmations to Multiple Addresses

Sometimes a customer with several email addresses on file, will want to send order and delivery confirmation to all the addresses on file.
Here is how to do it.

First make sure that the customer’s profile record indicates that they want order and confirmation emails to go to all addresses.
You do this by entering a “Y” in the E2AA field.

Make sure that there are several email addresses on file for the customer.
You can do this by bringing up the account profile record and hitting “E”

The next time you have an order from the customer, when the program gets to the part where it sends the order confirmation out, it will ask you if you want to send the confirmation to only one address or all the addresses on file.

To send the email to all the addresses on file, hit the letter “S”.

There are other options available, such as excluding one of the email addresses from the emails going out, but to send to all addresses that is how you do it.