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How to Transfer an Incoming FSN Order into flowerSoft

How to Transfer an Incoming FSN Order into flowerSoft

Transferring an incoming FSN order is a pretty simple matter.
flowerSoft will inform you that you have incoming FSN orders and ask you if you want to transfer them at that time.

If you answer “Yes” flowerSoft will take you to the incoming order where you can select what to do with the order.

Remember that incoming orders from FSN are accepted automatically by flowerSoft.
If you need to refuse the order you must do so withing 30 minutes of receiving the order.

Also, unlike Dove and Mercury incoming orders, FSN incoming orders are transferred directly into the sales file.
If any changes need to be made to the order, like fixing the enclosure card, the must take place from the sales file.

Here is a video showing the process of transferring the incoming FSN order:



How to Send an FSN Order

How to Send an FSN Order

These are the steps required to send an outgoing order through FSN.

Prerequisite: Upgrade to flowerSoft 2016

Please note that this new feature is still being tested and things may not look exactly the same if you choose to upgrade to the 2016 version.

Here is a video of the steps taken above:

Entering an FSN Outgoing Order


  1. Because FSN does not make their members database available to us like FTD and Teleflora do, selecting a florist on an FSN order has 3 possible choices:
    1. You use option #1 to let FSN select the filling florist for you. I understand that if you have marked a florist as a favorite in the recipient’s city, that florist will be selected.
    2. You use option #3 start a search for florists in the recipient’s city and select a florist from the list of available florists in the area.
    3. You use option #2 to access FSN’s web site and get detailed information on the florists available in the recipient’s city and then use option #3 to select the florist you want to fill the order.
  2. Outgoing orders will be sent almost immediately, so make sure of your choices before hitting “X” to exit the florist selection.
  3. Incoming FSN orders will be explained in more detail in a subsequent post but for now be aware that all incoming FSN orders are accepted automatically.

    If you do not want to fill the order you must refuse it immediately.

We will start beta testing the program very soon and the upgrade to flowerSoft Silver 2016 should be available within a couple of weeks.
The upgrade to flowerSoft Silver 2016 is free to users who are running flowerSoft Silver 2015 and are clearing credit cards using the Cayan interface and are not in arreas with their support fees.
There will be a nominal charge for the FSN interface that will go directly to Jeff Bandle, the programmer that wrote the interface with FSN.
We have not decided on how much the charge will be (it won’t be exorbitant) and you will make the payment directly to Jeff, if you want the interface.
More information on this later.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.