Tip #265 – Your Own Floral Wedding Agreement

Tip #265
Your Own Floral Wedding Agreement

Since everyone thinks theirs is the best, I’ve decided to allow everyone to design their own floral wedding agreement.
You will be able to create, change and modify this agreement to your liking without my intervention.

Here is what you have to do:

  1. Using Word or your favorite word processor (must be able to save in pdf format) create your floral wedding agreement.
    There are many samples and templates you can find online. Here is one link: http://www.floristsreview.com/main/march/featurestory.html
  2. Create your own floral wedding agreement in Word or you can use the default agreement in flowerSoft that looks something like this…

    The default document will be found in a folder called WEDDINGS. This folder is located in \FSSILVER\FSROOT\EMAILS\ATTACHMENTS folder.
    It can also be found in the \FSSILVER\FSROOT\DOCS folder.

  3. Once you’ve modified this document to your liking, you must save it as a .pdf file like this…


    You can save the newly created document anywhere you want but you must also save it in the folder called \FSSILVER\FSROOT\EMAILS\ATTACHMENTS\WEDDINGS

    You must give it a name that is unique to your shop and that flowerSoft has access to.
    You can find that name by going into the Manager’s menu > System Information > Defaults > Operating Defaults and navigating to page # 16 of the defaults.
    The name will be in a field called “Customized Processing Set Name:”
    If there is no name in that field, update the record and enter your shop’s name (or part of it) there.
    Use the name in that field to save your .pdf file. If you do not use that name, flowerSoft won’t be able to send the attachment.
    If you do not save it in that folder and using that name, flowerSoft will not be able to find it when you need to e-mail it.

  4. So now you should have at least 2 copies of the floral agreement document. One in Word format (.doc or .docx) and one in pdf format.
    If you need to make changes in the future, make the changes in the Word document and then save the document again as a .pdf file.

That is all you need to do.

Now, after you have created a wedding proposal in flowerSoft, you can print it or e-mail to your customer like this…

  1. Bring up the wedding proposal in the Weddings program…

    and hit E if you want to e-mail or P if you want to print. If you select to print, the document(s) chosen will just go to the printer.

    but if you choose to e-mail the document’s to the customer, flowerSoft will then ask you for the e-mail address to use.
    If there is an e-mail address in the bride’s wedding information, it will fill the field with her address but it will allow you to change it.




  2. As you can see above, you are given 4 choices in both printing and e-mailing the documents.
    Choice #1 prints or e-mails both the wedding worksheet and the formal wedding agreement to the customer.
    Choice #2 prints or e-mails the wedding worksheet only.
    Choice #3 prints or e-mails the formal wedding agreement and
    Choice #4 (X) lets you cancel either the printing or e-mailing.


If you have any comments or suggestions for improvement, please let me know.

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