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Video Tip #008 – Switching Accounts

Video Tip #008
Switching Accounts

This problem does not happen nearly as often as the duplicate accounts scenario but if I wrote a program to handle it, it must have happened to somebody.

This problem involves also 2 accounts, either related or unrelated, where the transactions have been entered under the incorrect account number.

This could be a case where a husband and wife have separate accounts and you’ve entered significant number of transactions under the wrong account.  I used the word significant because if it is just one or two transactions it is better to edit the orders and use the correct account number.

The problem with this option is that it will take all the records from one account and move them to the other account and then do the same for the other account.  In effect you are performing an account number swap.

Like I said, the need for this option will not come up often, but it is there if it ever does.

Here is the video tip…

Video Tip #007 – Getting Rid of Duplicate Accounts

Video Tip #007
Getting Rid of Duplicate Accounts

If it hasn’t happened yet, sooner or later it will happen.
You will have to separate accounts for the same customer.

How does this happen?
Usually because they give you a different phone number, either work, home or cell, than the one they gave you when you first opened the account.

So the question is, once you discover that you have two or more accounts for the same customer and you have done this unintentionally, how do you get rid of the duplicate accounts.

Here is a short video explaining you how it is done…