Tip #261 – Customer/Employee Avg. Order Value

Tip #261
Customer/Employee Avg. Order Value

As an owner/manager you will sometimes want to know how much some of your good customers spend on each order they place and how certain employees perform when taking orders from those customers.
flowerSoft gives you an easy way to do this. Here is how…

  1. Go to the customer’s profile. Once you have the record on the screen, hit the letter “A”


    Upon hitting “A”, this list of options will come up…



    Select “V” to access the Avg. Order Value option.



    If you just want to view the customer’s statistical data, leave the “Sold By” initials blank but if you want to compare them against a specific set of initials, enter it here.

    Once you do that, flowerSoft will start the calculation and display the following screen…



    Here we are comparing all the orders within the time period of 01/01/2015 and 04/09/2015 from all customers and this customer.

    flowerSoft defaults the time period to the beginning of the year and today’s date. The time period can be changed to your specifications by hitting the letter “D”.

    The screen is showing you the total number of orders processed in the time period (including cash & carry orders and incoming orders) and the orders processed for the particular customer.

    It also shows the Dollar value of the product in those orders. In other words, the Dollar amounts do not include Delivery, Service Charges or Sales Tax collected.

    It shows you what the average order value from all your customer was within that time period and what the average order value from the specific customer.

    It also compares the customer’s average order value for the period to the average order value for all the customers in that period of time and tells you what the difference is.

    For example, on the screen-shot above, this customer spends an average of $47.43 more on each order they place that your other customers.

    Since I also included a set of initials, it also compares the orders entered by that employee.

    For example, we can tell from the screen-shot that CBC entered 561 of the 3,080 orders processed in the time period.

    It also shows that the average order value on orders taken by CBC was $1.25 lower that the orders taken for all customers during that time period.

    In addition when CBC took an order from this customer, the value of the order was $33.50 less that when other employees took an order from the same customer.

    You can then try to determine why this is or ignore it you wish.

    If you do not enter a set of initials, flowerSoft will only calculate the top half of the screen, since it has no set of initials to use when calculating the bottom part.



    This option can also be accessed when entering a new order and hitting F6 from the “Ordered By” filed but I don’t think that is the ideal place to do it from.


    This option is not to be confused with the Employee Productivity Report found in the Manager’s menu.



    The employee productivity report, which deals only with employee statistics (no customer stats), will be dealt with in a future post.



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