Tip #260 – New Method of Payment

Tip #260
New Method of Payment

As if we did not have enough of them already, I have added a new method of payment to flowerSoft’s arsenal.
This new method of payment is called “BALANCE FWD” and it allows you to bring an order’s balance to the next order… sort of.

This is similar, but not the same, as the way multiple orders work in that payment is made only when you are done with all the orders.
So if you have 5 “multiple” orders that are going to be paid with a credit card, you can charge the credit card the total of all 5 orders.

The “BALANCE FWD” method of payment can be used on orders that although all from the same customer to different recipients or even to the same recipient, are not necessarily similar to each other.
In other words, “multiple” orders are meant to be used mostly during holidays such as Christmas, where one customer is sending $50 poinsettias to several recipients and (although not necessarily so) the thing that will change is the recipient’s name and address.

With a “BALANCE FWD” method of payment, you don’t necessarily have to enter all the orders at the same time, they could be days, months and even years apart from each other.

Each order is its own entity and can be totally different, except for the customer’s account #, from other orders in the group. So you can have local, outgoing and cash & carry orders in the group.
The enclosure cards can be totally different too. One order can have a normal card, another can have multiple cards and the next one can have a “long” card. Orders can be credited to different departments, commissioned agents or consignees. The delivery dates can be totally different. Discounts can be applied to one order and not the rest.

Like I said, the only thing that must stay the same in the “BALANCE FWD” group of orders is the customer’s account number. Otherwise, the orders can be totally different.

The orders only get paid when you select a method of payment other than “BALANCE FWD” on the last order.
The only methods of payment allowed on the orders in the “BALANCE FWD” group besides BALANCE FWD are ON ACCOUNT, CREDIT CARD, CHECK and CASH.

Here is a visual representation of how it works…

When you start entering the customer’s next order, flowerSoft will tell you that there is a balance being brought forward…

You can keep taking as many orders as you want using the “BALANCE FWD” method of payment…

However, on the last order of the group, you must select a method of payment from the list shown other than BALANCE FWD. That will tell flowerSoft that you have finished entering the orders for the group and you are ready to take a payment for all the orders.

You can only select from the methods of payment shown on the screen.
Other methods of payment are not allowed.

Finally, once you select a method of payment, flowerSoft will show how much the customer’s account or credit card will be charged.

Please let me know if you can think of any other useful applications for this new method of payment option.


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