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Tip #258 – Un-Voiding a Voided Order

Tip #258
Un-Voiding a Voided Order

This happens more often that you would think, an order is voided in error.
Up to now, there wasn’t much you could do except re-enter the order.
But now…

Voided orders can be un-voided.
Since flowerSoft has a backup copy of every order and the backup copy is not deleted when an order is voided, when you select to un-void an order flowerSoft simply deletes the record of the voided order and replaces it with the copy from the backup file.

The one thing to remember is that the order must be re-posted since the voiding reversed all the original posting.


One thing to note, once you are finished re-posting the order, you will be sent back to the Void Orders menu and you would need to exit from there.

One last thing to know is that this works only for voided orders. It does not work for reversed orders.