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I’ve had 2 flowerSoft customers this month fall victim to the CryptoLocker virus.

One customer with 2 stores, here in NYC, got the virus at both stores.
The other customer, in California, also got the virus last week.

The customer in NYC lost all her information at one of the stores.  9 years worth of data.
I was able to recover some uninfected data from a couple of years ago at the other store, so at least she got some of her customer database back.

The customer in California, called me as soon as she realized she had gotten a virus and in her case, I was able to recover all of her data before the virus got to it.

This is a nasty virus.  There is no recovery from it.  You can get rid of the virus with anti-virus software but if your data gets encrypted, there isn’t much you or anyone else can do.

If you want to read more about this virus, click on this link…


One thing these 2 customers had in common, neither one of them was backing up their data!

Backing up your data is the most important thing you can do to prevent a disaster.
You can always replace equipment but if your data is gone, it is gone.

So, if you do not one to suffer the same fate as this NYC florist, BACK UP YOUR DATA!

If you cannot find the time to back up your data each day, enroll the services of remote backup provider, such as Gillware Data Services or Carbonite.

I have several customers that use Gillware and they (Gillware) know what needs to be backed up in flowerSoft.
Give them a call and tell them you are using flowerSoft and you want your flowerSoft data backed up.

They will connect to your computer or server and set it up.
If they have any questions, have them call me.
Their phone number is 877-624-7206

Tip #257 – Identifying New Clients

Tip #257
Identifying New Clients

Recently I received an email from a flowerSoft customer asking me if there was any way to identify new (first time) clients.

The answer of course is that there is, but it might be a bit hidden from view.
So here is my response to that customer’s question…

If you mean a report looking something like this…



Follow these steps…



Enter the date range and you are all set.