Tip #256 – Finding a Customer When All Else Fails…

Tip #256
Finding a Customer When All Else Fails…

There will be times when you know you have entered a customer in the system but no matter how you try, you cannot locate him or her using the available indexes.

For those rare occasions, flowerSoft gives you a couple of different ways to attempt to locate their record.

The first was is by using the Customer Search option in the Manager’s menu Client Operations option.

Upon selecting this option, flowerSoft will display the following screen…

This screen has room for up to 30 different pieces of information you can supply flowerSoft to facilitate its locating the customer.

For example, let’s say that you are looking for a customer named Eric but you can’t remember his Last name or account number. You don’t know his address or anything else about the account, at least nothing that can be searched via an index.

To try to find Eric, you would then enter a “Y” in the “Account Name Contains” field.
You could start the search with just that piece of information but flowerSoft would search the entire customer database and give you all the accounts with the name Eric in them.
If you give flowerSoft another piece of information that if included in this screen, it will help flowerSoft narrow the results.
Let’s say you remember that you just added the account just a couple of weeks ago. Now you have another piece of information to help flowerSoft find Eric.
You would then go down to the “Account Added On or After” field and enter a “Y” there.
As you go through the fields, if you do not add a “Y”, flowerSoft will put an “X” in the field, like this…

So you are telling flowerSoft that you have those 2 pieces of information to see if Eric can be located in the database.

You then hit F10 to start the search. flowerSoft will then ask you for the information you have…

flowerSoft will then ask you if you have any correction to the information you have entered…

Once you say you have no corrections, flowerSoft will start the search…

And once if finds data matching your search criteria, it will display the results…

Note that flowerSoft is not only displaying a record for Eric Anderson, but also a record for Erica, D Austin.

Why? Because it asked you for a piece of information the account name “contains

And you entered Eric. Erica D Austin name contains Eric. E R I C A

If you had entered Erica, then only Erica’s record would have been displayed because Eric Anderson does not contain the name Erica

So now flowerSoft has displayed, the 2 names that matched your search criteria.
What can you do with that information now?

Quite a bit, as it turns out. You can highlight Eric’s name, if not already highlighted, and you can hit V to view the record.

You can also hit G to go to the record…

From there you can perform any of the action you can normally perform from a client’s record.
For example, you can view Eric’s order(s) by hitting O…

You can do anything from there you can do if you had gone to Eric’s record directly.
The only thing to remember is that once you are finished, flowerSoft will take you back to where you started. In this case

And you will need to exit from there.

The other method of searching is called an advanced search and you have to do a little “programming” to get that to work.
It is a very powerful search method and takes a little bit of time to master but it is not impossible to do.
I will teach you how to use that method in a future post.

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