Who is Cris Bandle?

Since I added that post about flowerSoft support, I’ve had several inquiries as to who Cris Bandle is.

Cris Bandle is an extremely bright individual and an experienced flowerSoft user.
She is the manager of Owens Flower Shop in Lawrence, KS.
She has been using flowerSoft for the past 8 years and has been the source of several new features and improvements to flowerSoft in that period of time.

In addition, Cris’ husband Jeff, is a very talented programmer that has been responsible for several of flowerSoft’s latest features, such as the Dove Plus interface and the Cayan (Merchant Warehouse) interface among others.
He is currently working on an interface with FSN, which should be available in a couple of months.

I’ve been lucky to have Cris accept a role in providing support to flowerSoft customers in need.
Cris will not be able to provide technical support right know, those must come to me for the time being, but she should be able to handle any operational questions you may have.

Since she runs a very successful flower shop on a daily basis, she is really more qualified than I am to answer any questions about how to do things in flowerSoft.
I am not saying that she knows every thing there is to know about flowerSoft, but she knows a heck of a lot.

I am also not saying to start calling her and not me for support.  She is there just so that there will be someone else to contact in case I am not available.  I am sure she will do a fine job, probably better than me. 🙂

I will also give Cris access to this blog so that she can post on subjects relevant to the daily running of a flower shop.

Here is the happy couple…

Cris and Jeff Bandle

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