Tip #255 – Discount Coupons

Tip #255
Discount Coupons

Some of you like to offer discount coupons to entice existing customers to purchase from you.
Or you may want to get new customers into your store by offering a new customer discount.
You place an ad on your local paper, print flyers and post cards or send emails out.
Whichever way you offer these discount coupons, I am sure you would like to know if they are effective or a waste of your time and money.

Here is how to keep track of the discount coupons you have offered and have been redeemed.

Start by going into the Marketing menu.

Let’s add a new discount coupon to the database…

Give the discount coupon a code and a description.
Select the ad source to be credited if the coupon is redeemed.
Add an expiration date to the coupon. This can be far into the future, like 12/31/9999, if you do not want it to expire.
Give it either a Dollar value or a percentage off the product amount.

That is it. You are all set to start using this discount coupon.

How do you use the discount coupon?
Well, if you want your customers to know about it you will have to advertise it in some way.
Newspaper, flyers, emails, post cards, radio ad, store sign.
You can choose any means to let your customers know but make sure you credit the correct ad source is you want flowerSoft to keep track of this.

Now, once you are entering the order into flowerSoft and the customer informs you that they want to redeem the coupon, how do you do it?

Here is how…

Once you get to the tax rate field, you can hit the F8 key to bring up the discount coupon popup.

Upon pressing F8, flowerSoft will display the discount popup for you to fill.

Enter the discount coupon code and flowerSoft will then pop up this message…

If you verify that it is the correct discount coupon, flowerSoft will calculate the discount and ask you for confirmation again…

Remember that if you are using a percent, it is only off the product amount. Delivery, relay and sales tax amounts are not included in the calculation.

So now you have recorded the redemption of a discount coupon.

Later on, whenever you want, you can pull a report showing you the stats for all your discount coupons.

The discount coupon will also feed the ad source of the order, so you can later on get a report like this…


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