Tip #253 – Understanding Negative Reference Numbers

Tip # 253
Understanding Negative Reference Numbers

I am sure most of you have noticed negative transaction numbers somewhere along the line in flowerSoft, but most of you may not know why those reference numbers start with a minus(-) sign.
They start with a minus sign to help flowerSoft identify those transactions.
For example, all finance/rebilling charge records, as well as closing date records, will have a reference numbers that start with -7
If you have entered a debit to an account, that debit will start with a reference number of -9
For example, if you entered a starting balance for an account, you will see that debit as a -9 if you look at the transaction history for the account.
Here is an example…

Reference numbers starting with -8 are used for some types of credit, such as when you waive small account balances.
Reference numbers starting with a -5 are used identify overpayment records.
Reference number -111 is used to identify voided records.


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