2 thoughts on “Improved Feature

  1. Well actually know, I didn’t know they were increasing the UPC codes limit, I usually know that stuff pretty quick.  However, glad you are in the know! Speaking of in the know, with the new take over of Merchant Warehouse, and the up and coming, how is FS involved with the new EMV Technology? How does that affect/effect the members of FS?  Are we still able to keep our Swipers that we currently have, or do we have to upgrade to the Genius System?  I am just no fan of having to pay Monthly fees of upwards of $30.00 bucks for that… We are enjoying beautiful weather in Nebraska, today is a high of 75, i see yurs in the 40’s brrrrr..  Wishing you much better weather in the next days ahead..

    Have a great week!! Larry  FLOWERWORKS Meridian Park Centre Suite 126 6900 “O” Street Lincoln, NE 68510 Flowerworksonline.com 402.325.6900 There is no better advertising than word of mouth use it freely!!


    1. When the liability shift takes place,whenever that is, you will need to get equipment that can read the chips embedded in the cards. The Genius device can do to that
      I am sure not everyone will get a Genius like device, so I don’t know how they plan to handle that.

      Merchant Warehouse wasn’t taken over, they just changed their name to Cayan.
      why, I have no idea. Especially to that name. I don’t even know what it means,


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