Tip #250 – Default Enclosure Card Sentiment

Tip #250
Default Enclosure Card Sentiment

In an effort to speed up your order entry process this Valentine Week, I’ve added a new feature to flowerSoft.
This new feature allows you to define a “default” enclosure card sentiment.
This “default” enclosure card sentiment
can be accessed from the Defaults menu and can be changed to a different one at any time.

What this new feature does is it allows you to enter the default enclosure card sentiment code by just entering a period (.) in the card sentiment field, like this…

So by just entering a period in the card sentiment field, the one in white, you can have flowerSoft supply the default sentiment you have assigned for this holiday and the corresponding occasion.

Remember that you can use this feature during any othe holiday too, or every day if you so wish.

If you need this feature right now, let me know. It is a pretty safe upgrade. In other words, it will not break anything else.

2 thoughts on “Tip #250 – Default Enclosure Card Sentiment

  1. I wasn’t using this feature since we were already using .HVD as a quick code but one of the girls let me know her outgoing orders last week had Happy Valentines Day on the card. Remember, if you leave the top line of the card blank, flowersoft adds a period to that line for the Dove+ requirement. Therefore if you have a default card message selected and you leave that first line blank on outgoing orders, you will unintentionally get the default message.


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