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Bug Discovered 25 Years Later!

Bug Discovered 25 Years Later!

It never ceases to amaze me.
No matter how long and hard I try to figure out what users will do, there is always someone who will do something that will bring a bug to the surface.

This bug was found by Frankie and Brandi of Bussey’s Florist in beautiful Cedartown, Georgia.  Well, I think Frankie’s actions resulted in the bug surfacing but it may have been Brandi that discovered it.

It turns out that Frankie edited an existing ON ACCOUNT order by changing the “Sold To” account (perfectly legal) but also changing the delivery date of the order.
Both actions are perfectly legal, so Frankie did not do anything illegal.

The problem or I should say the bug in flowerSoft was that when searching for the original transaction, flowerSoft was using the previous account number but the current delivery date.
So the original transaction was not found because it had a different delivery date and flowerSoft could not delete it or change it.

This resulted in the old account still showing a charge for a transaction that it was no longer theirs.

I have fixed the problem by making sure flowerSoft uses the original delivery date when looking for the transaction but for now, until after Valentine’s week is over and I can update your systems, if you ever need to change both the account number and delivery date of an order, do not do it at the same time.

How someone did not manage to change both these fields at one time during the past 25 years is amazing.

So now flowerSoft is truly bug free. 😉

After further scrutiny this might not have been a bug at all, at least not the one I thought I had found.  I have performed additional tests and changing the account number and the delivery date at the same does not cause a problem at all because flowerSoft is looking for the transaction using the invoice number first and then if it cannot find the transaction it uses the account number and delivery date.  So what ever caused this transaction to show up under 2 different accounts is still a bug.

I guess flowerSoft is still not bug free. 😦