Tip #248 – How to Find Pay on Pick-Up Orders Quickly

Tip #248
How to Find Pay on Pick-Up Orders Quickly

With Valentine’s Day madness just around the corner, you may find this tip useful.
It came about from a suggestion by Brandi of Bussey’s Florist in beautiful Cedartown, Georgia.

Brandi expressed her concerns about the Valentine’s Day mad rush into the store by customers looking to pick up orders they had placed.
She suggested that flowerSoft needed a better way to find pay on pick-up orders when the customer does not know or have the invoice number of the order.
She is right. Having to search for an order when your store is packed with customers is not a thing you want to be doing.

So here is what I came up with…

From the New Orders menu, you can now hit the plus (+) key to bring up all the orders with a Pay on Pick-Up method of payment.

When you hit the plus (+) key from the Enter Selection field, flowerSoft will dis play a list similar to this one…

Orders with a PAY ON P/UP method of payment will be displayed at the top of the list in descending date order.

Please note that Pay on P/Up orders that have already been paid for and presumably picked up, will also be shown as well as possibly other orders with a different method of payment.

However, since the pay on pick up orders will always be at the top of the list, it should be fairly easy for you to find the order you are looking for.

Hope this new feature will make your life a little easier this Valentine’s Day holiday.

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