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Tip #243 – Making Sure Your Monthly Statements Run Completed Successfully

Tip #243
Making Sure Your Monthly Statement Run Completed Successfully

Through the years, some of you have reported that at times the monthly statement run stops before it completes.
This results in some of your customers not receiving a monthly statement when they should have gotten one.

When the monthly statement run completes successfully, you should see the following message from flowerSoft…

It will tell you how many customers were selected to receive statements and how many statements were actually generated.
If you do not see this message at the end of the statement run, the run did not complete.

Some of you have this happen every time you do a monthly statement run and have resorted to breaking up the run alphabetically, like running A-K first and then L-Z.

This may work sometimes, but not always. Sometimes the run will stop after running just a couple of accounts, while other times it will run almost to the end and then end abruptly.

The only reason I have ever found for the statement run not completing in some systems, is because a scheduled task will run in the middle of the statement run.

So, if this is happening to you, the best way to prevent it is by disabling the scheduled tasks before you run the statements and then enabling them after you finish running your monthly statements.

To disable the scheduled tasks, do the following…

There may be a folder on your desktop called “Scheduled Tasks”

Double-click on it if there is.

If there is not, find the task scheduler program by searching for it…

and then creating a shortcut on your desktop by right-clicking on it and following the steps below.

Now the scheduled task folder should be on your desktop.

Double-click on it and this or something similar (depending on your Windows version) will come up…

Notice the 2 entries that read “Dove Plus Sentinel” and “Mercury Direct Sentinel”.

You may have only one, depending on whether you belong to both wire services or not.

I am going to assume for this explanation that you have both.

Right-click on the Dove Plus Sentinel and you’ll see this…

Click on Properties

Note the check-mark left of “Enabled”

Click on that to take it off.

Then click on “Apply” and “OK”

Do exactly the same thing for the “Mercury Direct Sentinel” entry.

Now run your statements. They should complete normally and you should see the message about how many customers were selected and how many statements were generated.

After you finish running your statements, take the same steps as above but instead of taking the check-mark off, put it back on and the scheduled tasks will run again.

Make sure this is the only thing you change. Changing other things may prevent the task(s) from running.

Another thing you should do after the statements run is print the statement assurance report…

This report will tell you if a statement was generated for each and every one of the “house” accounts that owe you money.

Please remember that if you fail to go through the “Calculate Finance/Re-Billing Charges” step, some of the accounts will not receive a statement.

If everything went well, you should see this message…

If you see any accounts come up in the statement assurance report, you cab generate Master statements for those accounts by selecting option #6…

Another option you could use to avoid the monthly statement run from ending abnormally is to do the statement run from a computer other than the one that hosts the scheduled tasks.

Either way, always make sure that all your accounts have received a statement.