Tip #240 – Improvements to Sending F2F Orders

Tip #240
Improvements to Sending F2F Orders

If you want to re-familiarize yourself with the original post on this subject, here is the link: https://flowersoftsilver.com/2014/04/02/new-feature-sending-f2f-orders/

Since the publishing of that post, a few users have started sending F2F orders in this manner and I’ve received several suggestions on how to improve it. Here is the result of those suggestions.

  1. When you first start entering an outgoing order, flowerSoft will now offer the following options for how the order will be sent:

    You will notice that the first 2 options are for FTD and Teleflora, which are the wire services flowerSoft interfaces with and that the last option indicates that you will be faxing a copy of the order to the filling florist.

    For all other wire services, including the F2F orders, you will select P-Phone as the method of transmission. Since flowerSoft (as of right now) does not interface with any other wire services, it really does not care how you will get the order to the filling florist so it just assumes you will be calling them.

  2. When you select P-Phone as the method of transmission, flowerSoft will automatically default to F2F as the “wire service”.

    Please note the flowerSoft’s F2F should not be confused with FSN’s FSNF2F.com. flowerSoft’s F2F “wire service” is not a real wire service. You deal directly with the filling florist, either through the phone or via email. You pay the filling florist using your own credit card and the commissions received and paid are agreed upon by you and the filling florist.

  3. When you get to the end of the order, if you have selected F2F as the “wire service”, flowerSoft will ask you if you want to select the filling florist…

    After you answer “Y”es, flowerSoft will display a list of your F2F florists in the recipient’s city for you to select one


  4. If the selected florist does not have an e-mail address on file, flowerSoft will prompt you for one,,,

    Upon answering “Y”es, flowerSoft will let you enter the e-mail address for the florist selected…



    and keep it on file so that it can be used for all future orders with the selected florist.

  5. flowerSoft will then display the reciprocity with the florist and ask you for confirmation that this is the florist you want to use.



  6. After you confirm that indeed this is the filling florist you want to use, flowerSoft will check the commission percentages with the filling florists and either ask you to enter the percentages if none are available or for confirmation if they are.



    Please note that on outgoing orders, flowerSoft will retain whatever percentage is agreed upon from the product amount only.

    This means that when calculating the commission to be retained, flowerSoft will deduct the delivery charge (if one is entered) from the total of the order.

    So if an order is for a $75 arrangement with a $9.95 delivery charge, flowerSoft will calculate the commission of the $75 only. The entire delivery charge goes to the filling florist.



    If you wish to retain more that the agreed upon percentage (20% in this case) of the product amount, you must enter a value in the relay charge field.

    Relay charges are not passed on to the filling florist.

  7. After the order confirmation email is sent to your customer…


    flowerSoft will ask you if you want to send an email of the order to the filling florist…



    If you want to send the order through an email instead of calling it out to the filling florist, answer “Y”es to the question and flowerSoft will comply with your request as long, of course, that you do have an email address for the filling florist on file.



  1. The next time you send and order to the same filling florist, you will notice that flowerSoft knows that you have an email address on file for the florist…


    and when you get to the last field in the florist selection screen, flowerSoft will give you the opportunity to review the email address you have on file for the florist by pressing the F10 key…



    You will also note that you have the opportunity to correct the email address if necessary.

  2. The email of the order sent to the filling florist can take one of two formats. One format is used when you are retaining a commission from the product amount. Here is what this format looks like…



    The other format is for those occasions where you do not retain a commission from the product amount.

    Since flowerSoft asks you to confirm the commission percentages each time you send an order to the florist, it is possible to vary those percentages on an order by order basis.

    Here is what that format looks like…


    So there you have it, some improvements that should facilitate sending orders directly to the filling florists and save you some money in the process.


    Let me know if you have any suggestions for improvements.








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