Tip #239 – Where is My flowerSoft Installed?

Tip #239
Where is My flowerSoft Installed?

Most of you are not sure where your copy of flowerSoft is installed.
Whether you have only 1 computer o2 20 running flowerSoft, flowerSoft can only reside in one location.
However, that location could be unique to you, depending on how your system was set up and network drives were mapped by whoever set up your network.

For a few years now, I’ve been installing flowerSoft to a folder called FSSILVER but some of you may have your flowerSoft in a folder called FSUS or some other name.

Normally, you do not have to worry where your flowerSoft is installed, except if you are doing a backup of your data or installing the latest flowerSoft florist directories.

I have now added a menu option to the Periodic Procedures menu that will tell you where exactly your flowerSoft is installed.  Watch the video below to learn how to get to this new option,

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