Tip #235 – When Was Your Copy of flowerSoft Last Updated?

Tip #235
When Was Your Copy of flowerSoft Last Updated?

A lot of times I will write a post about a new feature and when you try it in your system it does not work.
The reason for that might be because I have not gotten to update your flowerSoft copy yet.

To find out when your copy of flowerSoft was last updated, go to the New Orders menu…

and hit the grave accent/tilde key (left of the number 1)…


The Last FSS Update date is the last time all your flowerSoft programs were updated. The Last POS Update date is the date your copy of the POS program was compiled (revised).

These dates help you know why a new feature or bug fix has not made it to your copy of flowerSoft.

If I write a post on 11/25/2014 talking about a new feature or an improvement made and your Last FSS Update was on 11/15/2014, chances are you do not have that feature or improvement yet.

If it is something you feel you need to have ASAP, drop me a line and I’ll try to update your system as soon as possible.

If you do not have this feature, the one about finding your flowerSoft update dates, then your version of flowerSoft is pretty old.

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