Tip #234 – Attaching Pictures to Delivery Confirmations

Tip #234
Attaching Pictures to Delivery Confirmations

I thought I had written a post on this but I can’t find it.

Recently I made a change to the delivery confirmations program that would allow you to attach up to 5 different pictures to a delivery confirmation.
Part of this change involved creating a new folder to hold the pictures. This folder should be created in the \FSROOT\EMAILS folder and be called PICTURES.
For a picture or pictures to be sent out along with the email confirmation, the picture(s) must be placed in the \FSROOT\EMAILS\PICTURES folder.
The picture(s) should be named using the following format: invoice_number.jpg

So if 5 pictures were to be attached to a delivery confirmation for invoice number 64103, the pictures should be named as follows:

64103-3.jpg and

The delivery confirmation would then look something like this…

Again, the most important part here is that the pictures be placed in the \FSROOT\EMAILS\PICTURES folder and that they be named as shown above.

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