Another Improvement

Another Improvement

This one must be credited to Lucy Ricardo owner of Sunnywoods Flower Shop in Chatham, NJ.

Lucy complained to me that if an account was shared by more than one person, a new credit card added to the account would not reflect the name of the card holder.

For example, if my wife used my account to purchase from you and she had previously used my credit card to make the purchase (as she usually does), my name would be in the cardholder field.

If by some small miracle while making another purchase from you, she could not get hold of my credit card and had to use her own card, you would hit “N” to add a new card under my account.

The problem was that even if she changed the cardholder’s name from George Simon to Marilyn Simon as shown above, flowerSoft would still save the new card with George Simon in the cardholder’s name.

Lucy did not like that because the next time my wife called to make a purchase, she still would not know which card was my wife’s and which one was mine. She had a legitimate gripe.

So now, since Merchant Warehouse does return the name of the cardholder in the response file, flowerSoft will save the new card with the correct cardholder’s name.


Lucy was very happy to hear that she would be credited with the improvement in the blog.

Thank you, Lucy!

PS – Lucy’s real name is Rosa Marsal and claims to be Cuban.



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