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Tip #232 – Switching an Account Number From Alpha to Numeric

Tip # 232
Switching an Account Number From Alpha to Numeric

I got an email yesterday from a long-time customer asking me how to switch an account number from alphanumeric to numeric.
I had to think for a few minutes to remember how to do it and this made me realize that perhaps many of you do not know how to do this or even know how to make an account alphanumeric in the first place.

So let’s start at the beginning. Let’s first learn how to make an account alphanumeric. An alphanumeric account is an account whose account number contains both letters and numbers.
You can make an account alphanumeric when you first enter it into flowerSoft or after you have entered it. However, I think you should never do it when first entering an account into flowerSoft’s client’s database on the fly or when taking an order from an existing customer with a numeric account.
Why? Because it does take a bit of planning and doing it on the fly may not prove to be the smart thing to do. Switching account numbers should be done by a supervisor from the Manager’s menu.
So let’s start with an existing account with a numeric account number. Let’s learn how to switch a numeric account to alphanumeric.

Let’s see how…

When you get to any of the phone number fields, you will see the following message at the bottom of the screen…

Pressing F8 at this point will trigger the alphanumeric account number routine, which allows you to switch the account number from a phone number to something else.

Please note that there is a 10 character limit to an alphanumeric account even though there is space available to enter more characters.
flowerSoft will only accept 10 characters in this field.

flowerSoft immediately switches the account number to an alphanumeric account.

When you press F9 to save the record, flowerSoft will display this message and after you hit the Enter key…

flowerSoft will change all records related to account number 7186980298.000 to FLOWERSOFT.000

That is how you change an account number from numeric to alphanumeric. The reason I think this should only be done by a supervisor from the Manager’s menu and not while entering a new order, is because you should give a little thought as to how to name the account. If you enter something cryptic, it might be hard to remember.
Sometimes though, if dealing with a company or institution with a lot of different departments with different phone numbers, this might be a good way of setting the account number. For example, CBS.000 or ABC.000.

So that is how you change an account from numeric to alphanumeric. But what if you want to do the opposite?

Basically it is done the same way, although I must admit is not apparent and I should add a prompt at the bottom of the screen. To change an account that is alphanumeric to just numeric do the following…

When you get to any of the phone number fields, hit the F8 key. I know the prompt says to hit F8 to enter an alphanumeric account. I will change that to read “F8 – to change to a numeric account” in the near future, but for now just hit F8.
flowerSoft will come back with…

Answer “Yes” to the question and flowerSoft will change the account number to KILLALPHA.000 and wait for you to enter the phone numbers for the account.

After you get past the phone number fields, flowerSoft will change the account from alphanumeric to numeric…

And after you hit F9 to save the record, flowerSoft will proceed to change all records linked to the alphanumeric account to the new numeric account.

I know this is something that does not happen often but I think it is good for you to know is there if you ever need it.