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Tip #218 – Dunning Notices

Tip #218
Dunning Notices

Starting with the 2015 version, flowerSoft will allow you to compose your own dunning messages using Word and then send them out using Word’s mail merge.

Here is how:

  1. Extract the client records that should receive the dunning notice.

  1. Answer “Yes” to the next question.

  1. Select the number of days a customer’s account must be past due.

  1. You will have the option of sending the dunning notices to all the accounts selected or just some of them.

  1. Normally you would answer “Yes” to the question above but if you answer “No” flowerSoft will give you the opportunity to select the accounts to receive the dunning notices.

  1. Once you are finished with your selection, flowerSoft will start exporting the selected accounts to a file called pasedue.csv which will be placed in your \FSROOT\EXPORT folder.

  1. flowerSoft will give you the opportunity to look at the exported accounts before you send the letter out. If you see any accounts that you would like to exclude from the mailing, simply delete them for the pastdue.csv file.

  1. Once the accounts have been selected, it is time to compose your dunning notice. flowerSoft will provide a sample dunning notice, which you can modify to your liking.

For instructions on how to mail merge your Word documents with the extracted flowerSoft data, refer to Tip #214


This new option will work with options #1 and #2 of the Dunning Notices menu.

However, if you choose option #1 – Dunning Notices (Plain Paper) remember to add your shop’s name and address to the top of the letter.




Thank You!

Julia Laird of Centerville Florist in Centerville, Tennessee for discovering a seldom-encountered flowerSoft bug. When you cancel out of an order, flowerSoft saves the invoice number for future use.  This prevents having gaps in the numbering of invoices.  Since this is done mostly on new orders , there is nothing more to do, just save the invoice number for future use. However, when transferring incoming wire service orders, if the order is refused and you delete the record, flowerSoft would save the invoice number for future use but was not deleting any special or designer instructions linked to that order via its invoice number. This could result in a totally different invoice showing the designer instructions for the incoming order that had been refused. I’ve corrected the oversight and when you get your version of flowerSoft Silver 2015 that bug will not be there, thanks to Julia.