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Tip #217 – A Benefit of Using the Obits Feature

Tip #217
A Benefit of Using the Obits Feature

If you send occasion reminders, and you most certainly should, one of your concerns might be sending a reminder to celebrate and occasion for a person that has passed away.

If you use the obits feature, and you should, this concern should be mitigated as flowerSoft will check the obits records before selecting an occasion reminder.

See below…

The reason flowerSoft gives you a choice about sending the reminder is that obits records do not have the deceased’s address, so the reminder may be for somebody else.

Tip #216 – Paying ON ACCOUNT Orders

Tip #216
Paying ON ACCOUNT Orders

When you receive a payment for an order that was entered with an ON ACCOUNT method of payment, DO NOT change the method of payment on the order.  Simply pay it through the A/R module using the method of payment provided by the customer.

Remember that if the method of payment is by check, the reference number will be the check number.

If the method of payment is by credit card, just enter CC in the reference number field.  flowerSoft will provide a unique number after the CC.

The same goes for a CASH method of payment.  Just enter CA in the reference number field.

Credits to an account should have CR in the reference number field.  Debits should start with DB.  Again, flowerSoft will provide unique numbers after the first 2 letters.


Never, ever, ever use the same reference number for 2 different payments.  Ever.

In other words, never enter CHECK or CK or CASH or CCARD and reference numbers.



Tip #215 – Paying CODs and Pay on Pick Up Orders

Tip #215
Paying Outstanding CODs and Pay on Pick Up Orders

When you enter an order with a COD or Pay on P/UP method of payment, you will not be able to pay that order by updating and changing the method of payment.

The outstanding orders must be paid using the following method:


Please note:

  1. Method of payment on the invoice will be changed by flowerSoft, not you, from COD or Pay on P/UP to whatever method you selected for payment.
  2. Use the number in from of the method of payment to select that method of payment.
  3. If you selected credit card and the transaction was approved a token and approval number will show on the screen.