Tip #212 – A/P Invoices Paid With Electronic Transfers

Tip #212
A/P Invoices Paid With Electronic Transfers

Sometimes, you will use an electronic transfer from your business checking account to pay for certain invoices.
In those cases, if you have entered the invoices into flowerSoft’s A/P module, you can mark them paid and have the money come off your checking account.

Here is how…

Ring the A/P invoice up and hit “P”

Answer the question

Tell flowerSoft how you paid the invoice. In this case it would be #1 – Un-supported Payment

Tell flowerSoft if you took a discount…

Answer “Y”es to this question

Since you want this payment to come off your checking account, flowerSoft will need to know which account you are using.
Remember that flowerSoft allows you to have up to 99 checking accounts per shop and that the account code is the shop # plus the account number.
So if you are making a payment for shop #2 using account #1, the account code would be 21.
Similarly, if you only have 1 shop but are using account #2 to make the payment, the account code would be 12.

Now enter the date on which the transfer took place.

flowerSoft will then record the payment and re-calculate the checkbook ledger…

Note that the reference number of electronic transfers will start with ET:, the first 3 letter of the vendor code and the last 4 digits of the vendor’s invoice number.

flowerSoft will then inform you that the invoice has been paid and transferred to the paid invoices file.

Above screen shot shows the invoice in the paid invoices file.


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