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Tip #213 – Mass Mailings (Exporting Your Top Accounts)

Tip #213
Mass Mailings (Exporting Your Top Accounts)

Suppose you want to do (or have someone do for you) a mass mailing to your top accounts. How would you go about it?

Here is how…

Go to Manager’s menu – Client Operations

  • Select Option #5 – YTD Purchases

  • Select Option F – Same as Above but for Any Period (Option E does only 1 year)

  • Select a period of time to calculate

  • Let flowerSoft run through your accounts and calculate the purchases for the period selected.

  • When flowerSoft finishes calculating the purchases, it will ask you how many you want to print.

    Select the number of records you want to export and print to the screen (unless you want a hard copy).

    You must print either to paper or the screen as this is what actually ranks the customers.

  • flowerSoft will then ask you if you want to export the accounts. Answer “Y”.

  • Tell flowerSoft where you want the exported csv file to be placed and what name to give it.

  • flowerSoft will give you a chance to change your mind or correct a mistake.

  • More than likely, you will not want to print address labels for the top accounts but if you do, answer “Y”

    The label size is the standard 1″ x 2 5/8″ , 3-across.

  • flowerSoft will first print to the screen (unless told otherwise) the accounts in rank # order.



and export the csv file with the name you gave it to the location you specified.


If you had the accounts already ranked as you wanted, you could do the following…

  • Import/Export Menu option of the Manager’s Client Operations menu.


  • The select option C – Export Clients to a CSV File.

  • Select the customers by rank (option R)

  • Tell flowerSoft the highest rank to select…

  • Give the csv file a name…

  • Verify the file name…

  • Then tell flowerSoft where you want the file placed…

  • Answer the question about exporting the headings. Accept the default unless you know better…

  • flowerSoft will tell you how many records were exported.

(Notice that is a couple less than what you asked for, but now you know why.)

  • flowerSoft will then ask you if you want to see the information exported…

  • Answer “Y” if you want to see it or send it to someone directly from Excel.

Note that the file is exported in customer name order, not customer rank order.

Probably takes longer to explain this it than to actually do it.


Tip #212 – A/P Invoices Paid With Electronic Transfers

Tip #212
A/P Invoices Paid With Electronic Transfers

Sometimes, you will use an electronic transfer from your business checking account to pay for certain invoices.
In those cases, if you have entered the invoices into flowerSoft’s A/P module, you can mark them paid and have the money come off your checking account.

Here is how…

Ring the A/P invoice up and hit “P”

Answer the question

Tell flowerSoft how you paid the invoice. In this case it would be #1 – Un-supported Payment

Tell flowerSoft if you took a discount…

Answer “Y”es to this question

Since you want this payment to come off your checking account, flowerSoft will need to know which account you are using.
Remember that flowerSoft allows you to have up to 99 checking accounts per shop and that the account code is the shop # plus the account number.
So if you are making a payment for shop #2 using account #1, the account code would be 21.
Similarly, if you only have 1 shop but are using account #2 to make the payment, the account code would be 12.

Now enter the date on which the transfer took place.

flowerSoft will then record the payment and re-calculate the checkbook ledger…

Note that the reference number of electronic transfers will start with ET:, the first 3 letter of the vendor code and the last 4 digits of the vendor’s invoice number.

flowerSoft will then inform you that the invoice has been paid and transferred to the paid invoices file.

Above screen shot shows the invoice in the paid invoices file.