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New feature – Currency Conversion

New Feature
Currency Conversion

Ever get an order going to a foreign country and wonder how much it is in the country’s currency?

flowerSoft will now let you convert the total of an order to a any foreign currency.

Hit F9 from the tax rate field and flowerSoft will display a list of countries for you to select the currency you want to convert the total of the order to…

Select the country from the list (the most used ones are on top and the rest alphabetically) and flowerSoft will process the conversion through Yahoo…


This should help you if you are going to be calling the order yourself or placing it online.

You can also calculate the value of the order after you save it by going to Edit/View Orders, bringing the order up and pressing “V”.

flowerSoft will display the “V” options…

Select “C” to get the total of the order converted to any other currency.