Tip #206 – Employee Scheduling

Tip #206
Employee Scheduling

Do you know the busiest day of the week and time of the day at your store?

I am sure you all do, but do you really know or are you just making an educated guess?
Do you know when you process the most number of orders and how much they are worth? Probably not.
Knowing the exact figures might help you schedule your employees better.

flowerSoft has been able to provide sales figures by the time of day for many, many years but now it will show you which hours are your busiest by gathering the data for the period of time you request and then showing you a report like this…

The report shows you your busiest time of the day for every day of the week.
It shows you the number of orders processed, the product amount and the average product amount for each time period.

Looking at the report, we can see the in the month of August this shop’s busiest time was on Fridays between 10 and 11 am.
The entire day was pretty busy, so they should make sure they have enough employees to handle the volume.
On Fridays the process almost 28% of all the orders for the month and 25% of their revenue comes from the orders processed that day.

So by looking at this report, the manager can tell the average number of orders he or she processes each day of the week and schedule the employees accordingly.
Their least busy day obviously was Sunday, but between Monday and Saturday, Saturday they could have used less employees that the rest of the week.

If we expand the time period to cover the summer month of June, July and August this is what we get…

Friday is still the busiest day of the week in the summer but not by much. Monday is pretty busy also.
You can also tell that Saturday is the favorite day for wedding proposals being accepted by customers.

Let’s look at the holiday months, from February to May to see if the differ by a lot…

Well, the average number of orders per day increased dramatically. 71% more orders processed each day, but the average product amount decreased by almost $7.00.

More work but less profit on average. So what do you do, hire more help during the holiday period or keep your normal work force and have them work overtime if you need them to?

This is what you as a manager must decide. Hopefully, this report will help you make an educated decision based on available data and not just take a guess at it.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you how to get to this report.

Here is the path: M > R > H > M

If you feel this report could be improved, please let me know.


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