Tip #205 – Exporting Your Customer Data to Excel

Tip #205
Exporting Your Customer Data to Excel

There will be times when you’ll need to export your customer data to another program or service that will require you to give them your customer data in a format they can understand.

flowerSoft allows you to export your data to a csv file which can be read by Excel and many other programs. Here are the 15 steps you need to take…

  1. Go to the Manager’s menu

2. Select Client Operations 

3. Select Import/Export menu 

4.  Select C. Export Clients to a CSV File 

5.  Select which clients you want to export.
Option 1 selects all your clients. Other options are self-explanatory. 

6.  If you want to select a specific group of client from the group of clients requested above, enter “Y”es, otherwise accept the default of “N”o. 

7.Give the file to be exported a name. Do not include the extension, which will be .csv. Enter only the name. You will need to remember this name later. 

8.  Give flowerSoft the OK to create the file. 

9.  Enter the path (location in your hard drive) where the file should be placed once it is created. You will need to remember where you placed this file. 

10.  Tell flowerSoft if you want to export the field headings or not. It defaults to “Y”es. 

11.  flowerSoft will select the records requested and tell you how many client records were exported. 

12.  flowerSoft will ask you if you want to see the information exported. If you answer “Y”es you will need to have Excel or some other program like Excel that will allow you to view the file. 

13.  flowerSoft will open the file in Excel

14.  If you are mailing to another person or organization, select to send the file as an attachment. 

15.  Enter the email address where you want the file sent, add something to the body of the email and send.

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