Tip #204 – Bad Check Charge Back

Tip #204
Bad Check Charge Back

It has happened to most of us. We get a check from a customer, we deposit it and a couple of days later we get a letter from the bank telling us that the check from the customer bounced along with a $20 to $30 charge.

So how do we recoup that money?

flowerSoft has always given you to option to debit a customer’s account for the total of the check plus any bank charges, but now flowerSoft goes a step further and (if possible) it will reverse the effect the bad check had on the customer’s account.

In other words, it will void the check and remove the amount paid from the invoices it affected. It will then add a debit for the amount of the bank charge.

This is particularly good news for those of you who send “open-item” statements, since now all those invoices that were marked as paid will show again on the statements instead of one lump sum that is difficult to explain.

Here is how to enter a bad check chargeback…

These are the invoices paid by the bad check (check #104)

Step 1 – Go to the Accounts Receivable menu and select option P – Payments/Credits/Debits

Step 2 – Select option C – Charge Back a Returned Check

Step 3 – Enter pertinent information. Once you enter the payment reference number (check number) flowerSoft will display a list of payments for that customer using that reference number.

Yes, as horrible as that is, some of you enter the same reference number every time you get a payment from a customer, so I have to make sure you are selecting the correct one.

Step 4 – Tell flowerSoft everything is OK.

flowerSoft will then tell you if the charge back was successful.

The is the way the invoices for the customer’s account will look now…

Easy as pie.





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