Tip #202 – Transferring Incoming Orders

Tip #202
Transferring Incoming Orders

There is a couple of ways to do a Dove transfer but the easiest one is to do it from the New Orders menu since that is where you will be most of the time.

Instead of selecting an option from 1-7, hit the letter “T”. This will take you to the transfer menu.

Then hit “T” again to start the transfer process.

Once the order is on the screen, you can hit “T” again to start the transfer process, but first
look over the card to make sure everything looks good.
If you have to, hit “A” to auto-fix the card or if you need to correct the spelling, hit “M” to fix manually.

Answer any questions flowerSoft may ask.










Once the order is successfully transferred to the sales file, the incoming order will be deleted (so that you will not transfer it again) and flowerSoft will the do a browse of the incoming orders file to see if there are any more incoming orders to be transferred.

If you have additional orders to be transferred, highlight them and hit <Enter> to begin the transfer process for the next order.


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