Tip #200 – Sales Analysis Reports

Tip #200 – Sales Analysis Reports

As you probably know, flowerSoft offers a myriad of sales analysis reports but perhaps you’ve had no time to look through them all.  Some of these reports can be very useful and can help you manage your flower shop more efficiently.
Let’s take a look at the most useful ones.

As you all know, we get to the Reports menu by following this path from the Main menu:
M > R.  To get to the Sales reports: M > R > A and to get to the Sales Analysis Reports menu: M > R > A > B.  This last keystroke combination will put you here:


Here are some of the menu options under the Sales Analysis Reports menu…





I don’t have the time to go through all these reports here but, when you have some free time, try a few of these to see what they report on and if they would be useful to you.
Remember, all the reports can be printed to the screen so you would not even be wasting paper.

I want to show one in particular that I just had a request for, some many of you will not have this report available in your system yet.

The report I want to tell you about will be found in the Orders Analysis menu under options R and S.  Option S is a summarized version of option R.  In other words, it does not show the details of how the figures were obtained, but it also uses a lot less paper.

Yesterday, I was asked by a flowerSoft customer if there was a way to report on the number and amount of the sales each separate workstation took each day.
Although there is a report that would show the sales entered into the system by each clerk, there was no report that could break those down the work station.  Now there is.  Let’s look at option R – Sales by Register No. (Detailed)

As you know, each workstation using flowerSoft has (or should have if set up properly) a unique register number.  Since the register number that entered the order into flowerSoft is kept in a field in the sales record menu, it is a simple matter to write a report showing sales figures for each register.

If you have a multiple shop setup, when selecting option R, the first thing flowerSoft will ask is for the shop number you want to report on,  If you want to report on all the shops at one time (the figures are kept separate) you will need to enter 999 as the shop number.  Otherwise you just enter the shop number you want to report on.  A number from 1 to 998.


After that, simply select the time period you want to report on.  Let’s take last week, for exam[;e.  You would select option 5, and flowerSoft will supply the dates for you.


After you tell flowerSoft that you have no corrections to make, it will read through the sales records and select the ones for the period requested.  After that, it will ask you if you want to print the report to the screen instead of paper.  Until you find out which reports you really like and are certain you would use them in the future, you should always first print them to the screen, like I am going to do here so that I can show you what it looks like.


Notice that the default is “N” for No, which means that if you do not enter “Y” the report will print on paper.

Here is what both the detailed and summary reports look like…






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