Tip #197 – Interfacing with Your Accounting Program

  Tip #197 
Interfacing with Your Accounting Program

Although flowerSoft does not automatically interface with any of the many accounting software programs available, it does provide several reports that make it easy for you to keep your accounting software program up-to-date.
Most notable among these reports is the Debits & Credits report.


You can access this report by following this path from the main menu:
M > R > F > C
After selecting the date range you want to report on, flowerSoft will start the calculations and display the results as shown on the following screen after which you can print the 2-page report…cdrep02



Please note that for this report to work correctly, you must use item description codes while entering your orders and the item description codes themselves should have a parent and a child revenue category as shown below.

cdrep07Also note that if and when you sell items not using the item description code or with a missing parent/child revenue category, the amounts will shown in the UNDEFINED line in the report.  This line will usually be the last line in page #2 of the report shown above unless you have an income category that starts with a letter higher than “U”.cdrep06In other words if, for example, you were to sell the item code 48E – 48″ EASEL, the amount of the sale would show up in the UNDEFINED category because no parent/child revenue categories have been defined for that item code and flowerSoft would not know which category add the amount to.

After you complete your report, you can then take the numbers from this report an input them into your accounting software program as necessary.

One note of caution, although you can select either order or delivery date for this report, be aware that many other financial reports work only by order date.  So make sure when you are comparing or working with different reports, that the date range selected is the same and that you are selecting records using the same (order or delivery) date field.

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