Tip #192 – Gift Certificates as a M.O.P.

Tip #192
Gift Certificates as a Method of Payment

As you all know, flowerSoft allows GIFT CERT. and E-GIFT CARD as methods of payment.

GIFT CERT. usually refers to a paper gift certificate that you fill by hand.
E-GIFT CARD refers to either a physical magnetic store gift card (LoCo or HiCo) or a virtual gift card, which flowerSoft allows you to sell and will do all the booking for you.

But this post is not about the different types of gift cards or gift certificates.  It is about how to use them when accepting them as a method of payment.

As you are probably aware by now, flowerSoft will only allow a balance to remain on an invoice if one of these 4 methods of payments is used:
2. C.O.D.
3.  Pay on P/UP   or

all other methods of payment require that the invoice be paid in full.

However, it is common for a clerk to enter GIFT CERT. as a method of payment when presented one by the customer.  What the clerk normally does not realize is that GIFT CERT. or E-GIFT CARD will not allow a balance to remain on the invoice and (until now) would ask the clerk if he/she wanted to switch the method of payment to C.O.D. or PAY on P/UP.  The clerk would normally answer “No” to the question and then a vicious cycle of events would ensue, ending with an frustrated clerk and an unhappy customer.

So, to avoid this happening in the future, what flowerSoft will now do when a clerk selects either GIFT CERT. or E-GIFT CARD as the method of payment is this:


flowerSoft will remind the clerk that the GIFT CERT. value must be equal to or greater than to total of the order and ask him or her if this is so.  If they answer “Yes” flowerSoft will let the method of payment remain but if they answer “No”, flowerSoft will tell them exactly what to do.



erasing the method of payment and supplying the SPLIT method of payment automatically.


The clerks should be instructed to use the gift certificate or e-gift card as the first method of payment in the split.



and then pay the balance using one of the traditional methods of payment.





Now the invoice is paid in full.  flowerSoft is happy, the customer is happy and the clerk is happiest of all.

What if the gift certificate value is larger than the total of the invoice, you ask…

Simple, just handle it as if the customer had given you a $100 bill to pay for a $90 order.
Or, you could write another gift certificate for the change due back to the customer if you feel is worth your while

This, of course also happens with virtual gift cards.  If there is a balance after the payment is applied, flowerSoft will tell you how much remains on the gift card and ask you if you are going to give customer the remaining balance or if it should keep it as an available balance in the card.

On the next post I’ll explain how to sell and accept virtual gift cards as payment.


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