Tip #191 – E-Mailing Confirmations to Multiple Addresses

Tip #191
E-Mailing Confirmations to Multiple Addresses

We all know that flowerSoft allows you to keep multiple e-mail addresses for each customer.  When an order or delivery confirmation is sent to the customer, flowerSoft will display a window showing all the e-mail addresses on file for that customer and waits for you to select which one you want to use.

What you may not know is that flowerSoft has a feature that allows you to send the order and delivery confirmations to all the addresses on file for the customer.

The easiest way is to bring up the account in Edit/View Clients and then press the letter “E”.flowerSoft will display the email address on file for the account and show you some options.


If you select option “S”, flowerSoft will send all order and delivery confirmations to all the email addresses on file for the account.

If you want to send either order confirmations or delivery confirmations but not both, you must do this by updating the customer’s record.


When you get past the CONF field, flowerSoft will display the following message if it detects that there are multiple email addresses for the account…


Is you answer yes to the question, flowerSoft will then display…


and after that it will allow you to select whether you want to send order and delivery confirmations or just one of the two.


That is all there is to it.



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