Florist Review Magazine Article

Florist Review Magazine Article

Came across this article today.  I know it was written a while ago but I think many of you will find it is still good advice.

I found this part especially interesting:

strategies for florists

  1. Do not covet incoming wire orders. A profitable flower business must be built on a foundation of local customers.
  2. Join only one wire service unless you have a very special situation.
  3. If you have a small volume of outgoing orders, search for a way to send them without joining a wire service.
  4. Pay your bill on time. Be sure you get the rebates you earn.
  5. Report all incoming phone orders. It is a fact that a meaningful percentage of incoming wire orders is not reported by florists, and some order-gatherers phone in their orders to take advantage of that.
  6. The day is coming when coverage (having a fulfilling florist member) in many communities will become a problem for wire services. If you are the only florist in your community, work to negotiate your dues and fees.
  7. Read your bill carefully each month. It is complicated, but do it anyway. Evaluate the services you are paying for and whether you can do without them.
  8. Make sure you please customers on incoming wire orders. Treat them like your local customers.
  9. Plan for future reductions in both incoming and outgoing orders. I expect the current decline to continue as consumers find new ways to obtain better value and wire services find new ways to circumvent florists.

The key to success is to build your local business. I hope this series of articles will be of some help to you in doing so.


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