Tip #190 – Waiving the Delivery Charge

Tip #190
Waiving the Delivery Charge

As you all know, flowerSoft lets you override whatever delivery charge is in the delivery charge field.  Sometimes, as indicated in the defaults, a supervisor’s password might be required.

However, there is nothing to prevent a delivery charge being applied to an order from account you do not want to charge delivery to.  Unless…


you tell flowerSoft that you do not want to charge a delivery charge on orders from this customer.
You can do this by pressing “D” from the customer’s profile and then selecting “W” to waive the delivery charges.


You can choose to waive the delivery charge on all orders from the customer or on just the local orders.



When entering an order from the customer, when you get to the delivery charge field, flowerSoft will let you or your employee know that the delivery charge has been waived and skip that field.


Just note that you can still charge delivery on that order if you want to by going back up into the delivery field and adding a delivery charge.

This is not a new feature, it just has been improved a bit.
It has been a part of flowerSoft for the longest time, so you should be able to use it even if you do not have the latest version.

You can also waive delivery charges through the Obits program by entering an additional delivery charge preceded by a minus sign.  However, that just affects the delivery charge based on the “Visitation Location” information, not the customer.


So this method would be good to waive (or increase) delivery charges for funeral homes.

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