Tip # 188 – Calculating Reciprocity

Tip #188
Calculating Reciprocity

As you should know, one of the options available in the End of Year procedures is the calculation of the reciprocity between you and other flower shops.ffr01ffr02ffr03ffr04
ffr05ffr07ffr08 ffr06ffr09ffr10Once you calculate the reciprocity through these menu options, flowerSoft will keep the reciprocity up-to-date in real time.
This reciprocity is displayed when you select a florist for an outgoing order.

Normally, when the reciprocity is calculated through the Periodic Procedures menu, you select to calculate the reciprocity for all the flower shops in the database but if you need to see your reciprocity with a certain florist before entering an order, you can access the single-shop reciprocity program from a “Quick Access” key.  By pressing the tilde (~), flowerSoft will put you directly into the program without the need to first access the reciprocity menu.ffr11


To calculate the reciprocity, you must enter the flower shop’s code with the wire service, but I am sure you have enough trouble remembering your own codes let alone someone else’s.
Knowing this, flowerSoft lets you select the desired shop by entering the wire service and the name of the shop.

Upon doing this, flowerSoft will display a list of all the shops matching the wire service name and at least the first 5 characters of the name you entered. You must then highlight and select the correct shop from the list.  Be aware that there may be many shops with similar names within each wire service so make sure you select the one you want.
The list is sorted by wire service name, shop name, city, state and zip code.


Once you’ve selected the correct shop, flowerSoft will calculate and display your reciprocity with that shop.



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