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Tip #191 – E-Mailing Confirmations to Multiple Addresses

Tip #191
E-Mailing Confirmations to Multiple Addresses

We all know that flowerSoft allows you to keep multiple e-mail addresses for each customer.  When an order or delivery confirmation is sent to the customer, flowerSoft will display a window showing all the e-mail addresses on file for that customer and waits for you to select which one you want to use.

What you may not know is that flowerSoft has a feature that allows you to send the order and delivery confirmations to all the addresses on file for the customer.

The easiest way is to bring up the account in Edit/View Clients and then press the letter “E”.flowerSoft will display the email address on file for the account and show you some options.


If you select option “S”, flowerSoft will send all order and delivery confirmations to all the email addresses on file for the account.

If you want to send either order confirmations or delivery confirmations but not both, you must do this by updating the customer’s record.


When you get past the CONF field, flowerSoft will display the following message if it detects that there are multiple email addresses for the account…


Is you answer yes to the question, flowerSoft will then display…


and after that it will allow you to select whether you want to send order and delivery confirmations or just one of the two.


That is all there is to it.



Florist Review Magazine Article

Florist Review Magazine Article

Came across this article today.  I know it was written a while ago but I think many of you will find it is still good advice.

I found this part especially interesting:

strategies for florists

  1. Do not covet incoming wire orders. A profitable flower business must be built on a foundation of local customers.
  2. Join only one wire service unless you have a very special situation.
  3. If you have a small volume of outgoing orders, search for a way to send them without joining a wire service.
  4. Pay your bill on time. Be sure you get the rebates you earn.
  5. Report all incoming phone orders. It is a fact that a meaningful percentage of incoming wire orders is not reported by florists, and some order-gatherers phone in their orders to take advantage of that.
  6. The day is coming when coverage (having a fulfilling florist member) in many communities will become a problem for wire services. If you are the only florist in your community, work to negotiate your dues and fees.
  7. Read your bill carefully each month. It is complicated, but do it anyway. Evaluate the services you are paying for and whether you can do without them.
  8. Make sure you please customers on incoming wire orders. Treat them like your local customers.
  9. Plan for future reductions in both incoming and outgoing orders. I expect the current decline to continue as consumers find new ways to obtain better value and wire services find new ways to circumvent florists.

The key to success is to build your local business. I hope this series of articles will be of some help to you in doing so.


Tip #190 – Waiving the Delivery Charge

Tip #190
Waiving the Delivery Charge

As you all know, flowerSoft lets you override whatever delivery charge is in the delivery charge field.  Sometimes, as indicated in the defaults, a supervisor’s password might be required.

However, there is nothing to prevent a delivery charge being applied to an order from account you do not want to charge delivery to.  Unless…


you tell flowerSoft that you do not want to charge a delivery charge on orders from this customer.
You can do this by pressing “D” from the customer’s profile and then selecting “W” to waive the delivery charges.


You can choose to waive the delivery charge on all orders from the customer or on just the local orders.



When entering an order from the customer, when you get to the delivery charge field, flowerSoft will let you or your employee know that the delivery charge has been waived and skip that field.


Just note that you can still charge delivery on that order if you want to by going back up into the delivery field and adding a delivery charge.

This is not a new feature, it just has been improved a bit.
It has been a part of flowerSoft for the longest time, so you should be able to use it even if you do not have the latest version.

You can also waive delivery charges through the Obits program by entering an additional delivery charge preceded by a minus sign.  However, that just affects the delivery charge based on the “Visitation Location” information, not the customer.


So this method would be good to waive (or increase) delivery charges for funeral homes.

Tip #189 – To split or not to split, that was the question…

Tip #189
To split or not to split, that was the question…

In 25+ years of answering questions, no one had asked this one before.  It must be such an unusual occurrence… yet, someone asked so I must answer.

Here is the scenario.  A “cash” customer (no “house” account) walks into the store and orders 2 items, let’s say an arrangement for $50 and another one for $60.  The customer wants to take the $50 arrangement with her and pay cash for it, then come back a couple of days later pick up the other arrangement and pay for that one at that time.

OK, no problem you say to the customer.
So now you get to the method of payment field.  What method of payment would you select from the list of allowed payments?

Well, this florist chose “split” and a method of payment.  Her reasoning was that she would select “cash” for payment #1 and then “cod” or “pay on pickup” for payment #2.

Her reasoning makes sense, except that flowerSoft does not allow “cod” or “pay on pick up” as a method of payment in “split” payments.  flowerSoft expects the entire invoice amount to be paid using different methods of payment.  Since “cod” or “pay on pick up” do not increase the payment amount, they cannot be used on a “split” payment invoice.

So what method of payment should she have used, if not “split”?

The only method(s) of payment that allow you to have an outstanding amount on an invoice, which are “cod” or “pay on pick up”.
These  methods of payment allow you to enter the payment amount field and enter an amount, which can be less than the total invoice amount.

So pay attention as this might happen to you in the future, here is how the order should have been entered…


After selecting “pay on pick up” as the method of payment, enter 50.00 in the “Payments” field and tell flowerSoft how you collected the $50.


When you save the order, flowerSoft will retain the “pay on pick up” method of payment but reduce the outstanding balance by 50.00.
Then, a couple of days later when the customer comes back for the rest of the order, you can bring up the outstanding “pay on pick up” order and pay the outstanding balance using any method of payment on the list.


So the moral of the story is that when you enter an order, you can only have an outstanding balance of the method of payment is “on account”, “cod” or “pay on pick up”.

All other methods of payment require that you pay the invoice in full.

Tip # 188 – Calculating Reciprocity

Tip #188
Calculating Reciprocity

As you should know, one of the options available in the End of Year procedures is the calculation of the reciprocity between you and other flower shops.ffr01ffr02ffr03ffr04
ffr05ffr07ffr08 ffr06ffr09ffr10Once you calculate the reciprocity through these menu options, flowerSoft will keep the reciprocity up-to-date in real time.
This reciprocity is displayed when you select a florist for an outgoing order.

Normally, when the reciprocity is calculated through the Periodic Procedures menu, you select to calculate the reciprocity for all the flower shops in the database but if you need to see your reciprocity with a certain florist before entering an order, you can access the single-shop reciprocity program from a “Quick Access” key.  By pressing the tilde (~), flowerSoft will put you directly into the program without the need to first access the reciprocity menu.ffr11


To calculate the reciprocity, you must enter the flower shop’s code with the wire service, but I am sure you have enough trouble remembering your own codes let alone someone else’s.
Knowing this, flowerSoft lets you select the desired shop by entering the wire service and the name of the shop.

Upon doing this, flowerSoft will display a list of all the shops matching the wire service name and at least the first 5 characters of the name you entered. You must then highlight and select the correct shop from the list.  Be aware that there may be many shops with similar names within each wire service so make sure you select the one you want.
The list is sorted by wire service name, shop name, city, state and zip code.


Once you’ve selected the correct shop, flowerSoft will calculate and display your reciprocity with that shop.



I’m baaaack…

I’m back from the SF – Hawaii – Vegas trip, a little more tired than when I left. 🙂
If you ever go to Vegas and have a chance to see Terry Fator’s show, do not miss it. I think is the best show I have ever seen. The man has an incredible talent and the show is extremely entertaining.
Did a couple of things I’ve never done before and thought I’d never do. One was to go in a submarine in Hawaii, visit the Arizona memorial and do a zip line in Vegas.

Here are some pictures…

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