Daily Archives: May 13, 2014

Speaking as a consumer…

Recently, my wife had me send a floral arrangement to a relative in Florida who had a loss in her family.
Not knowing any florist in that particular town, I just picked someone from the florist directories and called in my order.
Several days passed and I never received a delivery confirmation from the florist and my wife’s relative never called to acknowledge the receipt of the flowers.
When I called the florist, all I got was “The flowers were delivered.  We have a signature.”

Speaking as a consumer, I don’t think you could do anything more to keep me as a loyal customer than to send me an delivery confirmation e-mail such as this one below.


and including a picture of what I paid my hard-earned money for.


Kudos to Carter’s in St. Petersburg, FL, and others, for doing this on each and every order they deliver.

If you are not already doing this, you are missing out on a great way to keep customers coming back to you instead of trying someone else in the future.

You have the tools, so why don’t you use them?