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Tip #187 – E-Mailing Form Letters with Social Media Links

Tip #187
E-Mailing Form Letters with Social Media Links

flowerSoft has had the ability to e-mail form letters for a long time, but now it also has the ability to include up to 5 social media links in the letters.

Including social media links on your printed form letters is not very useful as the customers cannot “click” on the links and typing them directly into their web browsers is just not a viable option.
But if you have been diligent about obtaining e-mail addresses fro your customers, you can now e-mail those form letters instead of printing them and sending them via us mail.

The links can take your customers anywhere you want, whether is a social media link, your web site or anyone else’s web site.  If the link is a valid link, your customer can click on it and get there.

If you have never used flowerSoft’s form letter feature, here is how you do it.

The path is M > M > F
This will put you in the Letters and Labels menu.


First write your letter, making sure you include the links you want to show and then just go to the option to print or email letters.


Select any of the available options…


Define your selection criteria…


and your emails will go on their way…