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Speaking as a consumer…

Recently, my wife had me send a floral arrangement to a relative in Florida who had a loss in her family.
Not knowing any florist in that particular town, I just picked someone from the florist directories and called in my order.
Several days passed and I never received a delivery confirmation from the florist and my wife’s relative never called to acknowledge the receipt of the flowers.
When I called the florist, all I got was “The flowers were delivered.  We have a signature.”

Speaking as a consumer, I don’t think you could do anything more to keep me as a loyal customer than to send me an delivery confirmation e-mail such as this one below.


and including a picture of what I paid my hard-earned money for.


Kudos to Carter’s in St. Petersburg, FL, and others, for doing this on each and every order they deliver.

If you are not already doing this, you are missing out on a great way to keep customers coming back to you instead of trying someone else in the future.

You have the tools, so why don’t you use them?



Tip #187 – E-Mailing Form Letters with Social Media Links

Tip #187
E-Mailing Form Letters with Social Media Links

flowerSoft has had the ability to e-mail form letters for a long time, but now it also has the ability to include up to 5 social media links in the letters.

Including social media links on your printed form letters is not very useful as the customers cannot “click” on the links and typing them directly into their web browsers is just not a viable option.
But if you have been diligent about obtaining e-mail addresses fro your customers, you can now e-mail those form letters instead of printing them and sending them via us mail.

The links can take your customers anywhere you want, whether is a social media link, your web site or anyone else’s web site.  If the link is a valid link, your customer can click on it and get there.

If you have never used flowerSoft’s form letter feature, here is how you do it.

The path is M > M > F
This will put you in the Letters and Labels menu.


First write your letter, making sure you include the links you want to show and then just go to the option to print or email letters.


Select any of the available options…


Define your selection criteria…


and your emails will go on their way…




Virus Warning!

Virus Warning!

It has come to my attention that a nasty virus is circulating masquerading as an e-mail from Logmein.  I got this e-mail late last night from a flowerSoft user.
This is from a VERY computer savvy flowerSoft user.  So if she fell for it, you might also.


So I need to admit to allowing the Win32/zbot virus onto the server. It came in a phishing email supposedly from logmein.

It was bad. Microsoft Security Essentials found it but couldn’t delete it. We finally had success with Kapersky tsdkiller.

All systems seem to be running fine now.

Since all your florists are using logmein you might want to post a warning on the blog. I opened the email on Wednesday but didn’t see problems until today. Hopefully no one else was a sucker like me. I am so embarrassed, I can usually spot those……

Since a lot of you use Logmein, you might think this is a legitimate e-mail.

Here are the details:

Subject: Your LogMeIn digital certificate has expired!

 Dear LogMeIn customer,

This notification has been emailed to you because your SSL certificate has expired. To continue using the LogMeIn services, you are required to update your digital certificate. A new certificate has been generated for you.

The new LogMeIn SSL certificate can be downloaded from :

https :// 20092&userid=849501&type=SSL_Cert

According to our Terms and Conditions, failing to renew the SSL certificate will result in account suspension or cancelation:

Thank you for using LogMeIn Software

Copyright © 2003-2014 LogMeIn, Inc. All rights reserved.


If you get this e-mail DO NOT click on the link shown above.

Simply DELETE the e-mail as soon as possible.

So please, if you get this e-mail, delete it as soon as possible.

Thank you!