Bloomnet Interface

Bloomnet Interface

I would like to find out how many of you use Bloomnet and would like to see a flowerSoft interface with it.

This interface will not be free.  800-Flowers charges each member that uses the interface $25/month (forever) plus there is the cost of developing the interface, which would be split between those who want the interface, so it would depend on how many of you want and are willing to pay for that interface.

The cost to develop this interface is yet to be determined, but I estimate it will cost you  between $295 and $495 depending on how many of you want it.
So for now figure it will cost you $495 plus the $25/month to 800-Flowers.

The interface would only be to send and receive orders and delivery confirmations, just like the interfaces with FTD and Teleflora.  If 800-Flowers requires an interface that totally replaces their program, in other words handle price changes, cancellations, forwarding, general messages, etc.; the cost would be much higher and I don’t think I’d be willing to take on the additional responsibility.

But for now, I just want to know how many of you use Bloomnet and if you do, would you be willing to pay for the cost of developing the interface in addition to the $25/month you will have to pay 800-Flowers.  So please take a moment of your time and answer the poll below.



2 thoughts on “Bloomnet Interface

  1. I’ve been informed that 800-Flowers will not charge their members 25/month for using the interface. They will charge me and then I will need to pass that on to you. I am waiting to find out if just $25/month or $25/month for each flowerSoft user that uses the interface. I will let you now.


  2. Well, the charge is $25/month charge to me, per florist using the interface. So since I must pass the charge on to those who use it, it is a effectively a $25/month charge to you for the use of the interface, excluding the initials charge for the interface.


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